About Avi Vantage

The Avi Vantage Platform delivers automated application services including load balancing, application analytics, predictive autoscaling, and security for on-premises or public cloud applications. The platform is built on software-defined principles, runs on commodity x86 servers, VMs, or containers, and matches the automation and self-service goals of modern enterprises.

The Avi Vantage Platform uses a software-defined architecture for application services to create a centrally managed pool of distributed load balancers which deliver services close to the applications. The platform brings public-cloud-like simplicity and flexibility to application services such as load balancing, application visibility and analytics, autoscaling, and complete REST API-driven automation. Avi Vantage runs on any x86 servers (VM, bare metal, or container) and scales up and down automatically in response to application traffic.

It features the capabilities:

  • Full-featured software load balancers on any VM, bare metal server or container
  • Single point of control for distributed load balancers
  • Pinpoint analytics and visibility into application performance
  • Predictive autoscaling of load balancers and applications
  • REST APIs for all application services to automate services